Profitable Beefmaster Females

Sire Summary Report

A Summary of all the sires used in the Beefmaster registered population

Annual Report 2023

The Latest Annual Breed Report as published by SA Studbook.

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Commercial cattlemen enjoy discussing the pros and cons of different beef breeds around the braai and elsewhere and often the arguments are based on individual likes and dislikes. Although I strongly believe that you need to love the animals you farm with, your choice of breed should not be entirely subjective.

We all want to make a profit on our farms and therefore need to produce beef efficiently. No matter whether you are producing your weaners on sweet or sour veld, or from any mix of veld, pastures and lands, efficient, productive females are the cornerstone of any profitable beef enterprise. Tom Lasater, the highly respected cattleman and founder of the Beefmaster breed, came up with what he considered to be the “Six Essentials” of profitable beef production. They have become well known and are: Fertility, Disposition, Weight, Conformation, Hardiness and Milk Production.


Comparing Breed Types
Beef BreedsBirth Weight Average (KG)Weaning Weight Average (KG)12-Month Weight Average (KG)18-Month Weight Average (KG)Scrotal Circ. Average (mm)AFC Average (Months)ICP Average (Days)Cow Weights
        Calving (KG)Weaning (KG)
All Beef Types3522227235234434434492507
Sanga Types3219523630633033409430485
Taurus Types3822731038434434439548561
Indicus Types2919223030532134457420426
Composite Types3522727435734534432503513
* Averages are based on a few measurements are not meaningful representations of the breed and should be interpreted with caution.
Weights are adjusted and breed averages taking breed population size into consideration