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Beefmaster SA Inspection of Breeding Animals

Breeders should please take note of the following aspects:

Inspection of all animals, over the age of 18months, which are retained for breeding purposes, is compulsory.

The Beefmaster Breeders’ Society allocated R1000.00 per inspection, payable to an inspector or inspectors, when the claim form and the list of animals that have been inspected reaches the office.

The inspectors are entitled to recoup their traveling costs from the breeder at a rate of R5.00 per km (in one direction).  It is every breeder’s choice to use one or more inspectors.

A senior inspector is allowed to conduct an inspection on his own.  We encourage junior inspectors to accompany a senior inspector.  During these inspections a lot can be learned and valuable experience can be gained.

The process of inspection of your animals, male or female is an important process in your farming enterprise and should be done with caution, since it can have an impact on your success in the subsequent years.  Inspectors can consciously of unconsciously steer you in a direction through their choices and / or the comments they make.  This can be the Society’s policy of the inspector’s own views.  Therefore make sure of your choice of an inspector.

The Breeders’ Society has decided to make inspections the responsibility of a specific board member.  Any problems arising with regard to inspections can be discussed with the chairman of eugenics. 
It was also decided that all animals presented at Beefmaster sales should be inspected before hand and then screened on the day preceding the sale.  Please make all arrangements regarding inspections with the eugenics.  Hans Coetzee verifies and checks all the information appearing on catalogues of auctions under the auspices of the Beefmaster Breeders’ Society.  We rely on your co-operation.

Animals that were born in 2005 must have performance data in order to be presented for inspection.  This implies that a birth notification certificate, from SA Stud Book, should be available and that weaning weight, yearling weight and / or 18 months weight, which have been processed by the SA Stud and the corresponding indexes should also be available.


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